1. oleander

noun. ['ˈoʊliːˌændɝ'] an ornamental but poisonous flowering shrub having narrow evergreen leaves and clusters of fragrant white to pink or red flowers: native to East Indies but widely cultivated in warm regions.


  • rose bay
  • Nerium
  • poisonous plant
  • Nerium oleander

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Sentences with oleander

1. Noun, singular or mass
Ideally, water your oleander when the soil begins to feel dry to the touch.

2. Adjective, comparative
Because oleander leaf scorch has no cure, heavily infected plants eventually die.

3. Verb, base form
In large exposures to oleander, passage of the plant material will be encouraged during this time.

4. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Bottom line, if your pet ingests oleander, seek veterinary care/professional advice immediately.