1. oilcloth

noun. cloth treated on one side with a drying oil or synthetic resin.


  • cloth
  • fabric
  • material


  • insulator
  • conductor
  • incorporeal
  • unbodied

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Sentences with oilcloth

1. Adjective
Allow the oilcloth vinyl and cotton to dry out completely to kill the mold spores.

2. Determiner
Originally, oilcloth was made of sturdy, natural fiber fabrics such as cotton duck, linen or cotton canvas which had been treated with a linseed oil based coating.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Brush the oilcloth with a scrub brush to remove the dried paste.

4. Foreign word
If your oilcloth is stored away for the season before it has the chance to dry, you're likely to find mold stains on the surface.

5. Adverb
Make a summer’s worth of cloths, from pale linen to bright oilcloth, and party in style.