1. observing

adjective. ['əbˈzɝːvɪŋ'] quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception.


  • perceptive


  • unlawful
  • inattentive

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Rhymes with Observing

  • undeserving
  • unswerving
  • preserving
  • conserving
  • reserving
  • deserving
  • unnerving
  • curving
  • irving

Sentences with observing

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Pull the rope down to the ground, observing the slope of the slide from the tree house.

Quotes about observing

1. With the sugar market hysteria, the people are obviously worried and expect higher inflation. When this hysteria subsides, which we're probably observing, then I hope that people will also get less worried about the future of inflation.
- Marek Belka

2. I love the line of Flaubert about observing things very intensely. I think our duty as writers begins not with our own feelings, but with the powers of observing.
- Mary Oliver

3. Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion. This is not a function of any other art.
- Aristotle