1. observer

noun. ['əbˈzɝːvɝ'] a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses.


  • soul
  • perceiver
  • visualizer
  • witnesser
  • eyeglass wearer
  • informant
  • spectator
  • listener
  • looker
  • motile
  • attender
  • discoverer
  • noticer
  • individual
  • finder
  • spotter
  • seer
  • mortal
  • witness
  • auditor
  • person
  • watcher
  • beholder
  • audile
  • viewer
  • percipient
  • visualiser
  • hearer
  • somebody


  • introvert
  • withholder
  • male
  • adult

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  • preserver
  • fervor

Example sentences of the word observer

1. Noun, singular or mass
The observer narrator relays the story from the point of view of an observer.

Quotes containing the word observer

1. Love has a shape, but no color. You’re probably wondering, “If it’s transparent, how do you know what shape it is?” Good question. Well, for one thing, I put it together, and for another, I’m currently wearing it like body armor (though to the casual observer, I appear naked).
- Jarod Kintz, This is the best book I've ever written, and it still sucks

2. Which came first — the observer or the particle?
- Vanna Bonta, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel

3. The excitable observer will pass judgement first and then make knowledge conform to judgement; the prudent observer will first learn to know and then judge according to knowledge.
- Thomas Cleary

2. observer

noun. ['əbˈzɝːvɝ'] an expert who observes and comments on something.


  • expert
  • commentator


  • unemotional person
  • worker
  • extrovert