1. nosh

verb. eat a snack; eat lightly.


  • browse
  • eat
  • snack


  • reassure
  • addition
  • failure


  • נאַשן (Yiddish)
  • naschen (Middle High German (ca. 1050-1500))

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2. nosh-up

noun. a large satisfying meal.


  • meal

3. nosh

noun. (Yiddish) a snack or light meal.


  • bite
  • collation


  • fauna
  • abstain
  • eat out


  • נאַשן (Yiddish)
  • naschen (Middle High German (ca. 1050-1500))

Sentences with nosh

1. Noun, singular or mass
Parrots love a good nosh, but many of our favorite people foods are deadly to them.

2. Verb, base form
Your cat will be perfectly happy with a small pot that contains a patch of edible grass for him to nosh on.

3. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
And, if you nosh on nuts instead of animal fats such as bacon and cheese, you're less likely to pack on the pounds.

4. Noun, plural
Since you are what you eat, you'll definitely want to chew on complex carbs for long-lasting energy before your workouts and nosh on lean protein to help rebuild muscle tissue after workouts.

5. Adjective
If you find yourself zipping through a nosh session, Cassetty suggests trying the following:

6. Verb, past participle
Here are the options nutritionists turn to when it comes to amusement park food, and what they recommend their clients nosh on in between roller coaster and bumper car rides.

7. Adverb
You can slice a pickle and add it to salads and sandwiches, or nosh on them straight out of the jar.