1. noncombatant

adjective. ['ˌnɑːnkəmˈbætənt'] member of armed forces whose duties do not include fighting as e.g. a chaplain or surgeon.


  • draftee

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Rhymes with Noncombatant

  • patent

2. noncombatant

adjective. ['ˌnɑːnkəmˈbætənt'] used of civilians in time of war.


  • volunteer

3. noncombatant

noun. ['ˌnɑːnkəmˈbætənt'] a member of the armed forces who does not participate in combat (e.g. a chaplain or surgeon).


  • man
  • serviceman
  • military personnel


  • female
  • juvenile
  • woman
  • black

Sentences with noncombatant

1. Adjective
These roles were supposed to be noncombatant, but in reality, these boys often armed themselves to protect their lives and the lives of the men in their company.