1. neatness

noun. ['ˈniːtnəs'] the trait of being neat and orderly.


  • cleanliness


  • untidiness
  • thicken

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Words that Rhyme with Neatness

  • completeness
  • sweetness

Example sentences of the word neatness

1. Noun, singular or mass
A small amount is all that is needed to add some neatness and shine to your dreadlocks.

2. Adjective
And remember, neatness counts, along with spelling, grammar, punctuation and organization.

Quotes containing the word neatness

1. Neatness begets order; but from order to taste there is the same difference as from taste to genius, or from love to friendship.
- Johann Kaspar Lavater

2. neatness

noun. ['ˈniːtnəs'] the state of being neat and smart and trim.


  • trim
  • tidiness
  • trimness


  • inflate
  • deflate
  • increase
  • lengthen