1. nationality

noun. ['ˌnæʃəˈnæləti, ˌnæʃəˈnælɪti'] people having common origins or traditions and often comprising a nation.


  • fullness


  • -ity (English)
  • -ité (French)
  • national (English)
  • nationalis (Latin)

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How do you pronounce nationality?

Pronounce nationality as ˌnæʃəˈnælɪti.

US - How to pronounce nationality in American English

UK - How to pronounce nationality in British English

Sentences with nationality

1. Noun, singular or mass
Select a letter to search for surnames, or search by nationality.

2. Adjective
You can also use a naturalization certificate or a nationality certificate.

Quotes about nationality

1. My identity was a big issue when I was a teenager, and I had a lot of questions, like: 'Who am I?' 'Who do I belong to?' But when I was still quite young, I decided that belonging is a tough process in life, and I'd better say I belonged to myself and the world rather than belonging to one nationality or another.
- Hiam Abbass

2. For our first date we went Dutch. We would have gone another nationality, but they are the tallest.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

3. The soul ... has a slow and dark birth, more mysterious than the birth of the body. When the soul of a man is born in this country there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. I shall try to fly by those nets.
- James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

2. nationality

noun. ['ˌnæʃəˈnæləti, ˌnæʃəˈnælɪti'] the status of belonging to a particular nation by birth or naturalization.


  • position


  • unsoundness
  • guilt


  • -ity (English)
  • -ité (French)
  • national (English)
  • nationalis (Latin)