1. nary

adjective. ['ˈnɛri'] (used with singular count nouns) colloquial for not a' ornot one' or `never a'.


  • some

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Sentences with nary

1. Adjective
In some cases, this may work and life goes on with nary a bump.

2. Predeterminer
Now our home is “done” with nary a shag carpet or vinyl tile in sight.

Quotes about nary

1. Pulvis et umbra sumus. It's a line from Horace. 'We are dust and shadows'. Appropriate, don't you think?"Will said. "It's not a long life, killing demons; one tends to die young, and then they burn your body - dust to dust, in the literal sense. And then we vanish into the shadows of history, nary a mark on the page of a mundane book to remind the world that once we existed at all.
- Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel