1. beneficial

adjective. ['ˌbɛnəˈfɪʃəl'] promoting or enhancing well-being.


  • advantageous


  • disobedient
  • bad


  • beneficialis (Latin)
  • beneficium (Latin)

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Rhymes with Mutually Beneficial

  • sacrificial
  • prejudicial
  • superficial
  • artificial
  • unofficial
  • judicial
  • official
  • initial
  • rishell
  • rishel
  • pischel
  • mischel
  • kischell
  • fishell
  • fishel
  • fischel
  • bischel

Sentences with mutually-beneficial

1. Noun Phrase
In fact, some have a mutually beneficial relationship with the sea anemone.

2. Noun Phrase
Clownfish and sea anemones have a mutually beneficial aquatic relationship.

3. Noun Phrase
Companies have cut down on the number of suppliers they use to form more mutually beneficial partnerships.

4. Noun Phrase
A law education also teaches students how to compromise and find a mutually beneficial outcome when two parties disagree.

2. mutually

adverb. ['ˈmjuːtʃuːəli'] in a mutual or shared manner.