1. muskrat

noun. ['ˈmʌˌskræt'] beaver-like aquatic rodent of North America with dark glossy brown fur.


  • gnawer
  • genus Ondatra
  • rodent
  • musquash
  • Ondatra zibethica

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Rhymes with Muskrat

  • aristocrat
  • autocrat
  • bundesrat
  • bureaucrat
  • bureaucrat
  • democrat
  • plutocrat
  • technocrat

Sentences with muskrat

1. Noun, singular or mass
Large cages with plenty of room for your muskrat population will work best.

2. Adjective
Keep your muskrat population as spread out as possible.

3. Adverb, superlative
Another PRT-suited competition is muskrat racing, which involves chasing a lure into water.

4. Noun, plural
Fisher, fox, lynx, and muskrat are typical of furs from North America.

2. muskrat

noun. ['ˈmʌˌskræt'] the brown fur of a muskrat.


  • fur
  • hudson seal
  • muskrat fur