1. museum

noun. ['mjuːˈziːəm, ˈmjuːziːəm'] a depository for collecting and displaying objects having scientific or historical or artistic value.


  • science museum
  • deposit
  • depository
  • depositary


  • dislodge
  • nonpayment
  • withdraw
  • take


  • museum (Latin)
  • Μουσεῖον (Ancient Greek (to 1453))

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How do you pronounce museum?

Pronounce museum as mˈjuziəm.

US - How to pronounce museum in American English

UK - How to pronounce museum in British English

How do you spell museum? Is it musuem ?

A common misspelling of museum is musuem

Sentences with museum

1. Noun, singular or mass
Admission is free and the museum is open Tuesday through Saturday except on holidays.

Quotes about museum

1. An art book is a museum without walls.
- Andre Malraux

2. I love my Force Fins, which are the kind of fins Special Forces use and really are adapted from the fins of fish. They're very efficient. They are so beautiful, a pair is in the Museum of Modern Art. The set I have are ruby red. I call them my ruby flippers.
- Sylvia Earle

3. My philosophy is that I'm an artist. I perform an art not with a paint brush or a camera. I perform with bodily movement. Instead of exhibiting my art in a museum or a book or on canvas, I exhibit my art in front of the multitudes.
- Steve Prefontaine