1. monstrous

adjective. ['ˈmɑːnstrəs'] abnormally large.


  • large


  • little
  • inoffensive

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Words that Rhyme with Monstrous

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Example sentences of the word monstrous

1. Adjective
Get in touch with your DIY dark side and craft a batch of scary-good treats for a monstrous feast.

Quotes containing the word monstrous

1. The sense of unhappiness is so much easier to convey than that of happiness. In misery we seem aware of our own existence, even though it may be in the form of a monstrous egotism: this pain of mine is individual, this nerve that winces belongs to me and to no other. But happiness annihilates us: we lose our identity.
- Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

2. It is perfectly monstrous,' he said, at last, 'the way people go about nowadays saying things against one behind one's back that are absolutely and entirely true.
- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

3. All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks, in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

2. monstrous

adjective. ['ˈmɑːnstrəs'] shockingly brutal or cruel.


  • flagitious
  • evil
  • grievous


  • moral
  • right
  • righteous
  • goodness

3. monstrous

adjective. ['ˈmɑːnstrəs'] distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous.


  • ugly


  • unalarming
  • virtuous