1. monotonous

adjective. ['məˈnɑːtənəs'] tediously repetitious or lacking in variety; all work and no play".


  • humdrum


  • nonmonotonic
  • tasty


  • -ous (English)
  • monotone (English)

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Rhymes with Monotonous

  • androgynous
  • asynchronous
  • bituminous
  • cavernous
  • chitinous
  • exogenous
  • gainous
  • gelatinous
  • gluttonous
  • heinous
  • homogenous
  • indigenous
  • intravenous
  • larcenous
  • luminous
  • membranous
  • mountainous
  • mutinous
  • nitrogenous
  • nonpoisonous

How do you pronounce monotonous?

Pronounce monotonous as məˈnɑtənəs.

US - How to pronounce monotonous in American English

UK - How to pronounce monotonous in British English

Sentences with monotonous

1. Adjective
Drinking plenty of water is important for good health, but it gets a little monotonous.

Quotes about monotonous

1. To me it seems that too many young women of this time share the same creed. 'Live, laugh, love, be nothing but happy, experience everything, et cetera et cetera.' How monotonous, how useless this becomes. What about the honors of Joan of Arc, Beauvoir, Stowe, Xena, Princess Leia, or women that would truly fight for something other than just their own emotions?
- Criss Jami, Killosophy

2. You are what you do. If you do boring, stupid monotonous work, chances are you'll end up boring, stupid and monotonous. Work is a much better explanation for the creeping cretinization all around us than even such significant moronizing mechanisms as television and education.
- Bob Black, The Abolition of Work & Other Essays

3. He was fucking sad. That's it. That's the point. He knows life is never going to get any different for him. That there's no fixing him. It's always going to be the same monotonous depressing bullshit. Boring, sad, boring, sad. He just wants it to be over.
- Jasmine Warga, My Heart and Other Black Holes

2. monotonous

adjective. ['məˈnɑːtənəs'] sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch.


  • monotonic
  • flat
  • unmodulated


  • bright
  • qualified
  • uneven
  • unidimensional


  • -ous (English)
  • monotone (English)