1. minimalist

noun. ['ˈmɪnəməlɪst'] a practitioner or advocate of artistic minimalism.


  • creative person


  • juvenile
  • nonconformist

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Example sentences of the word minimalist

1. Adjective
It offsets the starkness of a minimalist space in a snap.

2. Noun, singular or mass
If you want to go the minimalist shoe route, this is your best bet.

Quotes containing the word minimalist

1. Except among those whose education has been in the minimalist style, it is understood that hasty moral judgments about people in the past are a form of injustice.
- Jacques Barzun, From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, 1500 to the Present

2. minimalist

adjective. ['ˈmɪnəməlɪst'] advocating minimal reforms (as in government or politics).


  • romanticist

3. minimalist

noun. ['ˈmɪnəməlɪst'] a conservative who advocates only minor reforms in government or politics.


  • conservativist


  • left
  • unorthodox