1. matriarchal

adjective. ['ˌmeɪtriːˈɑːrkəl'] characteristic of a matriarchy.


  • maternal
  • matriarchic


  • paternal
  • unrelated
  • filial

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Rhymes with Matriarchal

  • patriarchal
  • starkel
  • sparkle
  • markle
  • markell
  • markel

How do you pronounce matriarchal?

Pronounce matriarchal as ˌmeɪtriˈɑrkəl.

US - How to pronounce matriarchal in American English

UK - How to pronounce matriarchal in British English

Sentences with matriarchal

1. Adjective
They are highly matriarchal, and much of the tribes' leadership derives from the women.

2. Noun, singular or mass
When they are close to sexual maturity, they leave the matriarchal herd.