1. masthead

noun. ['ˈmæstˌhɛd'] a listing printed in all issues of a newspaper or magazine (usually on the editorial page) that gives the name of the publication and the names of the editorial staff, etc..


  • listing
  • flag


  • low
  • low status

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Example sentences of the word masthead

1. Noun, singular or mass
The masthead is the top of the mast.

2. Adjective
Most vessels other than rowboats must carry a masthead light that can be seen from ahead and the sides.

2. masthead

noun. ['ˈmæstˌhɛd'] the head or top of a mast.


  • top


  • increase
  • foot

3. masthead

noun. ['ˈmæstˌhɛd'] the title of a newspaper or magazine; usually printed on the front page and on the editorial page.


  • side