1. marmot

noun. stocky coarse-furred burrowing rodent with a short bushy tail found throughout the northern hemisphere; hibernates in winter.


  • Marmota caligata
  • Marmota monax
  • woodchuck
  • genus Marmota
  • gnawer
  • whistling marmot
  • rockchuck
  • yellowbelly marmot
  • rodent
  • whistler
  • Marmota flaviventris
  • groundhog
  • Marmota

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Sentences with marmot

1. Noun, plural
The closest relatives to any marmot are other marmots in the genus Marmota.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Although they are a similar in length, the ferret is much lighter than the marmot because they have different body shapes.

3. Adjective
Groundhogs are rodents from the marmot family.