1. marbles

noun. ['ˈmɑːrbəlz'] a children's game played with little balls made of a hard substance (as glass).


  • unintelligent

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Rhymes with Marbles

  • marble's
  • garbles
  • barbels

Sentences with marbles

1. Noun, plural
Any marbles that fall into your compartment must they stay there until the end of the game.

Quotes about marbles

1. Most of us won't see one another after graduation, and even if we do it will be different. We'll be different. We'll be adults--cured, tagged and labeled and paired and identified and placed neatly on our life path, perfectly round marbles set to roll down even, well-defined slopes.
- Lauren Oliver, Delirium

2. marbles

noun. ['ˈmɑːrbəlz'] the basic human power of intelligent thought and perception.


  • intelligence


  • intelligent
  • slow-wittedness