1. mango

noun. ['ˈmæŋgoʊ'] large oval tropical fruit having smooth skin, juicy aromatic pulp, and a large hairy seed.


  • edible fruit
  • Mangifera indica


  • manga (Portuguese)
  • mangga (Malay (macrolanguage))

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  • venango
  • bizango
  • durango
  • tango
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How do you pronounce mango?

Pronounce mango as ˈmæŋgoʊ.

US - How to pronounce mango in American English

UK - How to pronounce mango in British English

Sentences with mango

1. Noun, singular or mass
They also thrive on fresh fruit, such as chopped up mango.

Quotes about mango

1. I think she just asked if she could touch my mango.
- Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

2. The sunset faded and blended from pink to peach to mango in a smoothie in the sky. For as long as she doesn’t love me, I will love her.
- Jarod Kintz, A Story That Talks about Talking Is Like Chatter to Chattering Teeth, and Every Set of Dentures Can Attest to the Fact That No..

2. mango

noun. ['ˈmæŋgoʊ'] large evergreen tropical tree cultivated for its large oval fruit.


  • Mangifera
  • fruit tree
  • mango tree
  • Mangifera indica


  • manga (Portuguese)
  • mangga (Malay (macrolanguage))