1. mandrake

noun. ['ˈmænˌdreɪk'] a plant of southern Europe and North Africa having purple flowers, yellow fruits and a forked root formerly thought to have magical powers.


  • mandrake root
  • herb
  • herbaceous plant
  • genus Mandragora
  • devil's apples
  • Mandragora officinarum


  • destabilize
  • destabilise

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Sentences with mandrake

1. Noun, singular or mass
Place the mandrake root seeds into a bowl that has about 1 inch of water in it.

2. Noun, plural
Plant two to three mandrake root seeds in each biodegradable pot.

2. mandrake

noun. ['ˈmænˌdreɪk'] the root of the mandrake plant; used medicinally or as a narcotic.


  • devil's apples
  • root
  • Mandragora officinarum