1. lynch

verb. ['ˈlɪntʃ'] kill without legal sanction.


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Rhymes with Lynch

  • mcninch
  • grinch
  • flinch
  • clinch
  • winch
  • tinch
  • synch
  • pinch
  • minch
  • linch
  • kinch
  • hinch
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  • inch
  • in.

Sentences with lynch

1. Adjective
Workplace morale acts as a lynch pin in a company's ability to be successful or not.

Quotes about lynch

1. Sharia Justice [10w] Sharia justice is a lynch mob masquerading as Allah's will.
- Beryl Dov

2. My Sweet Home, Alabama If it grows, it sticks, if it crawls, it bites,if it's outside, it rusts,if it's ornery, it fights,if it's a dawg, it barks.if its a possum, it feignsif it's a buggy, it squeals,if it's winter, it's summer,If it's slimy, it's eels.If it ain't Dixie, it won't do,so let's fix to get piss drunkand lynch us another nigger and Jew.
- Beryl Dov