1. luxe

adjective. elegant and sumptuous.


  • deluxe
  • elegant


  • poor
  • naive
  • unrefined


  • luxe (French)
  • luxus (Latin)

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Sentences with luxe

1. Adjective
In this bright and airy space, a little white paint and a few luxe accents — like a brass chandelier — made all the difference.

2. Noun, singular or mass
The generous size will make your space feel extra luxe, and it'll protect the walls from splashes and drips, too.

3. Verb, 3rd person singular present
With a statement crystal chandelier, fresh white bed linen, and luxe monochrome curtains, the neutral color palette lets the design features do all the talking.

4. Verb, base form
Svelte fabrics and lots of different textures such as velvet, silk, suede, and sheepskin will help to luxe up your look, especially over simple black and white bed linen.

5. Adverb
It combines luxe high back chairs with a tufted velvet sofa.