1. lung

noun. ['ˈlʌŋ'] either of two saclike respiratory organs in the chest of vertebrates; serves to remove carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to the blood.


  • alveolar bed
  • alveolus
  • respiratory organ
  • lobe of the lung
  • bronchial artery
  • pulmonary vein
  • air cell
  • vena pulmonalis
  • lower respiratory tract

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Rhymes with Lung

  • overhung
  • unsung
  • strung
  • sprung
  • nueyung
  • swung
  • stung
  • myung
  • kyung
  • hsiung
  • among
  • yung
  • young
  • wrung
  • tung
  • tongue
  • sung
  • rung
  • pung
  • phung
  • kung
  • junge
  • hung
  • gung
  • fung
  • dung
  • chung
  • bung

Sentences with lung

1. Noun, singular or mass
Men who smoke are 23 times more likely to develop lung cancer than men who don't smoke.

Quotes about lung

1. I stood and walked around the desk so I could stand over him. Menacingly. Like Darth Vader, only with better lung capacity.
- Darynda Jones, First Grave on the Right

2. Now, five years is nothing in a man's life except when he is very young and very old...- Wang Lung
- Pearl S. Buck, The Good Earth

3. This is the story of how Dad lived with his lung cancer. But it is much more. Through his illness and the miracles we experienced, I came to see that Dad's was not just a journey. It was a journey home. Home to God.
- Joseph M. Hanneman, The Journey Home: My Father's Story of Cancer, Faith and Life-Changing Miracles

2. Aqua-Lung

noun. a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; scuba is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.


  • aqualung
  • breathing device
  • scuba
  • cylinder
  • ventilator
  • breathing apparatus
  • breathing machine

3. lung-power

noun. the ability to speak loudly.


  • passive voice