1. looted

adjective. ['ˈluːtəd, ˈluːtɪd'] wrongfully emptied or stripped of anything of value.


  • pillaged
  • empty
  • plundered


  • preserved
  • fill
  • emptiness
  • arrive

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Words that Rhyme with Looted

  • undisputed
  • unrefuted
  • undiluted
  • disputed
  • computed
  • reputed
  • refuted
  • recruited
  • imputed
  • commuted
  • uprooted
  • unsuited
  • rerouted
  • polluted
  • muted
  • suited
  • routed
  • rooted
  • hooted
  • booted

Example sentences of the word looted

1. Verb, past tense
Agents have emptied investment accounts, sold real estate and looted bank accounts.

2. Verb, past participle
When Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941, many Japanese-owned businesses were looted in Chicago.

Quotes containing the word looted

1. It hardly matters why a library is destroyed: every banning, curtailment, shredding, plunder or loot gives rise (at least as a ghostly presence) to a louder, clearer, more durable library of the banned, looted, plundered, shredded or curtailed.
- Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night