1. liverwurst

noun. sausage containing ground liver.


  • liver sausage
  • liver pudding

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Sentences with liverwurst

1. Adjective
You will want to use the most pungent cat food that your cat will eat, such as a sardine flavor or liverwurst flavor, in order to mask the odor and taste of the medication.

2. Adverb
You can use any of the meats used in a hot deli meat grinder, as well as other meats, such as bologna, liverwurst or any other deli meat.

3. Noun, singular or mass
For instance, when your dog starts to lick or pull, offer it a treat it finds especially tasty, such as peanut butter or liverwurst.

4. Coordinating conjunction
For example, beef bologna can contain as much as 220 milligrams of sodium per slice, while Braunschweiger liverwurst can have more than 300 milligrams in each slice.

5. Verb, base form
Hear that, liverwurst industry?