Rhymes with Literature

  • caricature
  • curvature
  • expenditure
  • forfeiture
  • investiture
  • musculature
  • signature
  • tablature
  • tabulature
  • temperature
  • temperature

How do you pronounce literature?

Pronounce literature as ˈlɪtərəʧər.

US - How to pronounce literature in American English

UK - How to pronounce literature in British English

How do you spell literature? Is it liturature ?

A common misspelling of literature is liturature

2. literature

noun. ['ˈlɪtɝətʃɝ'] the humanistic study of a body of literature.


4. literature

noun. ['ˈlɪtɝətʃɝ'] the profession or art of a writer.