1. lingcod

noun. food fish of the northern Pacific related to greenlings.


  • Ophiodon
  • scorpaenoid fish
  • genus Ophiodon
  • Ophiodon elongatus

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2. lingcod

noun. the lean flesh of a fish caught off the Pacific coast of the United States.


  • Ophiodon elongatus

Sentences with lingcod

1. Noun, singular or mass
Rinse the lingcod under cold water and set it aside.

2. Preposition or subordinating conjunction
The marina in Port Townsend is a stop for the shuttle between the mainland and Keystone, but more importantly, the waters surrounding Port Townsend are excellent lingcod fishing grounds.

3. Adjective
Four anglers board a 40-foot skiff for a ride to the fishing waters for saltwater bottom fishing for rockfish, lingcod, snapper and halibut.