1. likelihood

noun. ['ˈlaɪkliːˌhʊd'] the probability of a specified outcome.


  • likeliness
  • odds
  • likely
  • unlikely


  • likely
  • unlikeliness
  • unlikely
  • unlikelihood

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How do you spell likelihood? Is it likelyhood ?

A common misspelling of likelihood is likelyhood

Example sentences of the word likelihood

1. Noun, singular or mass
Following your company's rules and procedures when asking for an advance increases the likelihood of getting it.

Quotes containing the word likelihood

1. Past performance speaks a tremendous amount about one's ability and likelihood for success.
- Mark Spitz

2. If your goal is to make money, becoming an entrepreneur is a sucker's bet. Sure, some entrepreneurs make a lot of money, but if you calculate the amount of stress-inducing work and time it takes and multiply that by the low likelihood of success and eventual payoff, it is not a great way to get rich.
- Eric Ries