1. liberalism

noun. ['ˈlɪˌbɝːəˌlɪzəm'] a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution.


  • political orientation
  • neoliberalism
  • ideology


  • liberal

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Sentences with liberalism

1. Noun, singular or mass
The NALC regarded the shift as being unbiblical and symptomatic of growing liberalism of ELCA.

Quotes about liberalism

1. I try to make a dent in people when I can. I figure people drift toward liberalism at a young age, and I always hope that they change when they see how the world really is.
- Johnny Ramone

2. No school can supply an anti-liberal education, or a fascist education, as these terms are contradictory. Liberalism and education are one.
- George Seldes

3. In essence I find that the foundation of modern conservatism is driven by a clinging to God in fear of the world, whereas the foundation of modern liberalism is a clinging to the world in fear of God; albeit, the true foundation should be one's clinging to God in fear of God.
- Criss Jami, Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

2. liberalism

noun. ['ˈlɪˌbɝːəˌlɪzəm'] an economic theory advocating free competition and a self-regulating market.


  • conservative