1. leakage

noun. ['ˈliːkədʒ, ˈliːkɪdʒ'] the discharge of a fluid from some container.


  • run
  • escape
  • discharge
  • outpouring
  • outflow


  • ebb
  • arrive
  • malfunction
  • unearned run

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Rhymes with Leakage

  • blockage
  • breakage
  • linkage
  • package
  • repackage
  • shrinkage
  • trackage
  • wreckage

How do you pronounce leakage?

Pronounce leakage as ˈlikɪʤ.

US - How to pronounce leakage in American English

UK - How to pronounce leakage in British English

Sentences with leakage

1. Noun, singular or mass
Use a similar procedure to clean leakage off the floor or a table top.

Quotes about leakage

1. Usually when people talk about the trickle-down theory, it has to do with economics. The richer people at the top of a society become, supposedly, the more wealth there is to trickle down to the people below. It never really works out that way, of course, because if there are 2 things people at the top can't stand, they have to be leakage and overflow.
- Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus