Rhymes with Latissimus Dorsi

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How do you pronounce latissimus dorsi?

Pronounce latissimus dorsi as latissimus* ˈdɔrsi.

US - How to pronounce latissimus dorsi in American English

UK - How to pronounce latissimus dorsi in British English

Sentences with latissimus-dorsi

1. Noun Phrase
Lat pulldowns work the upper latissimus dorsi muscles and rhomboids which are in the center of the upper back.

2. Noun Phrase
You'll feel the right side of your torso -- or latissimus dorsi -- lengthening.

3. Noun Phrase
Your latissimus dorsi, often referred to as your lats, are located on either side of your spine.

4. Noun Phrase
The latissimus dorsi, a large muscle of your back, pulls your upper arm bone down.