1. landscaping

noun. ['ˈlændˌskeɪpɪŋ, ˈlænˌskeɪpɪŋ'] working as a landscape gardener.


  • landscape gardening
  • gardening

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Rhymes with Landscaping

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  • antidumping
  • aping
  • beeping
  • camping
  • capping
  • carping
  • chipping
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  • chomping
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How do you spell landscaping? Is it landscapping ?

A common misspelling of landscaping is landscapping

Sentences with landscaping

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
How does your landscaping look from that angle?

2. Adjective
Begonias are garden and landscaping staples because of their vibrant explosions of color.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Because the trees need little maintenance, they are an attractive, easy-care choice for landscaping.

2. landscaping

noun. ['ˈlændˌskeɪpɪŋ, ˈlænˌskeɪpɪŋ'] a garden laid out for esthetic effect.