1. lamenting

adjective. ['ləˈmɛntɪŋ'] vocally expressing grief or sorrow or resembling such expression.


  • sorrowful
  • wailful


  • happy
  • joyous
  • overjoyed

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Rhymes with Lamenting

  • misrepresenting
  • supplementing
  • representing
  • circumventing
  • unrelenting
  • reinventing
  • preventing
  • presenting
  • consenting
  • resenting
  • repenting
  • relenting
  • inventing
  • fermenting
  • dissenting
  • cementing
  • venting
  • tenting
  • renting
  • denting

Sentences with lamenting

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
An elegy is a poem lamenting the loss of a someone or something special.

Quotes about lamenting

1. There are things you do sometimes, actions that you take by obeying sudden impulses, without stopping for even a fraction of a second to think, and then you spend the rest of your life either lamenting it or thanking yourself for it. They are rare, unique, and perfect moments.
- Irene Gonzalez Frei

2. I must die. Must I then die lamenting? I must be put in chains. Must I then also lament? I must go into exile. Does any man then hinder me from going with smiles and cheerfulness and contentment?
- Epictetus