1. kneecap

noun. ['ˈniːˌkæp'] a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint.


  • sesamoid
  • articulatio genus
  • sesamoid bone
  • knee joint
  • kneepan
  • human knee
  • os sesamoideum
  • patella
  • genu


  • undershoot
  • absorb
  • unweave
  • fall back

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Example sentences of the word kneecap

1. Noun, singular or mass
It runs along the middle of the front of your thigh and attaches to the top of your kneecap.

2. Noun, plural
You should see your kneecap move towards your hip, and your knee should fully extend. 

2. kneecap

verb. ['ˈniːˌkæp'] shoot in the kneecap, often done by terrorist groups as a warning.


  • hit
  • pip


  • stay in place
  • top out
  • miss