1. kinesthesia

noun. the perception of body position and movement and muscular tensions etc.


  • somaesthesia
  • somatosense
  • somesthesia
  • somatic sense
  • somaesthesis
  • somatic sensory system
  • somataesthesis
  • kinaesthesia
  • feeling of movement
  • somatosensory system
  • somesthesis

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2. kinesthesia

noun. the ability to feel movements of the limbs and body.


  • muscle sense
  • proprioception
  • kinesthetics
  • kinaesthesis
  • kinesthesis
  • kinaesthesia


  • proprioception

Sentences with kinesthesia

1. Noun, singular or mass
Both muscle performance and shoulder kinesthesia improved after a group of athletes followed a six-week plyometric shoulder training program, according to the “Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery” in 2002.