1. jumbo

adjective. ['ˈdʒʌmboʊ'] of great mass; huge and bulky.


  • big
  • large
  • elephantine
  • giant


  • little
  • stingy
  • humble
  • nonpregnant

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Rhymes with Jumbo

  • palumbo
  • columbo
  • colombo
  • trumbo
  • stumbo
  • mumbo
  • gumbo
  • dumbo
  • cumbo

Sentences with jumbo

1. Adjective
Use a jumbo size cotton swab to clean the blood if it's sitting near the wound.

Quotes about jumbo

1. Come Judgment Day, we may find that Mumbo Jumbo the God of the Congo was the Big Boss all along.
- Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land