1. jitterbug

noun. ['ˈdʒɪtɝˌbəg'] a jerky American dance that was popular in the 1940s.

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Rhymes with Jitterbug

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How do you pronounce jitterbug?

Pronounce jitterbug as ˈʤɪtərˌbəg.

US - How to pronounce jitterbug in American English

UK - How to pronounce jitterbug in British English

Sentences with jitterbug

1. Noun, singular or mass
Today, the jitterbug name is used for a variety of different styles in different places.

2. jitterbug

verb. ['ˈdʒɪtɝˌbəg'] do the jitterbug.


  • dance
  • trip the light fantastic