1. jellyfish

noun. ['ˈdʒɛliːˌfɪʃ'] any of numerous usually marine and free-swimming coelenterates that constitute the sexually reproductive forms of hydrozoans and scyphozoans.


  • phylum Cnidaria
  • cnidarian
  • Coelenterata
  • Aegina
  • phylum Coelenterata
  • Cnidaria
  • Chrysaora quinquecirrha

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Example sentences of the word jellyfish

1. Adjective
The words include "cracker," "jellyfish" and "quicksand."

2. Noun, singular or mass
Corals are part of the phylum Cnidaria and are related to anemones and jellyfish.

Quotes containing the word jellyfish

1. Life is a beautiful magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish.
- Charlie Chaplin

2. How remarkable we are in our ability to hide things from ourselves - our conscious minds only a small portion of our actual minds, jellyfish floating on a vast dark sea of knowing and deciding.
- Andrew Sean Greer, The Story of a Marriage

3. Spineless [10w] There are more spineless men on the planet than jellyfish.
- Beryl Dov

2. jellyfish

noun. ['ˈdʒɛliːˌfɪʃ'] large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles.


  • siphonophore
  • genus Physalia
  • Physalia
  • Portuguese man-of-war