1. jackass

noun. ['ˈdʒæˌkæs'] a man who is a stupid incompetent fool.


  • goose
  • zany
  • fathead
  • saphead
  • sap
  • muggins
  • tomfool
  • fool
  • cuckoo
  • goof
  • bozo
  • twat


  • woman
  • lower

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How do you pronounce jackass?

Pronounce jackass as ˈʤæˌkæs.

US - How to pronounce jackass in American English

UK - How to pronounce jackass in British English

Sentences with jackass

1. Noun, singular or mass
During Andrew Jackson's campaign to become president in 1828, his opponents called him a "jackass."

Quotes about jackass

1. I guess it’s true what they say,"observed Jace. "There are no straight men in the trenches.""That’s atheists, jackass,"said Simon furiously. "There are no atheists in the trenches.
- Cassandra Clare

2. Jackass, jackass on the wall, where's the info on Hex Hall?
- Rachel Hawkins, Spell Bound

3. And Nate? You kiss like a slobbering dog, you have bad breath, and you wouldn't know how to punch the right buttons on a girl if we came with manuals. Happy Thanksgiving, Jackass.
- Elizabeth Eulberg, The Lonely Hearts Club

2. jackass

noun. ['ˈdʒæˌkæs'] male donkey.


  • jack


  • humorless
  • undeceive