1. intonation

noun. ['ˌɪntəˈneɪʃən'] rise and fall of the voice pitch.


  • prosody
  • pitch contour
  • drone
  • singsong
  • modulation
  • droning
  • inflection
  • intonation pattern

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Rhymes with Intonation

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  • institutionalization
  • self-congratulation
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How do you pronounce intonation?

Pronounce intonation as ˌɪntəˈneɪʃən.

US - How to pronounce intonation in American English

UK - How to pronounce intonation in British English

Sentences with intonation

1. Noun, singular or mass
Repeat the above procedure on the E string to set the other side of the bridge for proper intonation.

Quotes about intonation

1. A book is more than a verbal structure or series of verbal structures; it is the dialogue it establishes with its reader and the intonation it imposes upon his voice and the changing and durable images it leaves in his memory. A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships.
- Jorge Luis Borges

2. intonation

noun. ['ˌɪntəˈneɪʃən'] singing by a soloist of the opening piece of plainsong.


  • vocalizing

3. intonation

noun. ['ˌɪntəˈneɪʃən'] the production of musical tones (by voice or instrument); especially the exactitude of the pitch relations.


  • music


  • nonmonotonic
  • unrhythmical

4. intonation

noun. ['ˌɪntəˈneɪʃən'] the act of singing in a monotonous tone.


  • cantillation
  • vocalizing
  • singing


  • polyphonic music
  • monophony
  • polyphony
  • monophonic music