1. interracial

adjective. ['ˌɪntɝˈreɪʃəl'] involving or composed of different races.


  • integrated


  • homogeneous
  • separate

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Rhymes with Interracial

  • transracial
  • multiracial
  • proglacial
  • nonracial
  • palatial
  • biracial
  • spatial
  • spacial
  • glacial
  • facial

How do you pronounce interracial?

Pronounce interracial as ˌɪntərˈreɪʃəl.

US - How to pronounce interracial in American English

UK - How to pronounce interracial in British English

Sentences with interracial

1. Adjective
A marriage can be multicultural without being interracial or interracial without being multicultural.

Quotes about interracial

1. How to End Racism [10w] The children of interracial marriages should look like panda bears.
- Beryl Dov

2. interracial

adjective. ['ˌɪntɝˈreɪʃəl'] between races.


  • disintegrative