1. inspiring

adjective. ['ˌɪnˈspaɪrɪŋ, ˌɪnˈspaɪɝɪŋ'] stimulating or exalting to the spirit.


  • exalting


  • ignoble

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Rhymes with Inspiring

  • transpiring
  • requiring
  • inquiring
  • rewiring
  • retiring
  • desiring
  • acquiring
  • spiering

Sentences with inspiring

1. Adjective
Join a prison penpal network and begin a mutually inspiring correspondence with an inmate.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
A healthy crop of bright, leafy greens sprouting in a backyard vegetable garden is inspiring.

Quotes about inspiring

1. One of the things I like best about 'Biggest Loser' is being around people who are trying to make the right choices. When you feel defeated about your weight and your health, like there's no hope, and you still make the choice to fight for it, to make the change happen no matter what people say or think, that's inspiring to me.
- Alison Sweeney

2. Running fills a need so we make fewer demands on others. Running reveals the roots of negative thinking, so the weeds can be pulled. Running reconnects the soul to the source, inspiring hope and creativity.
- Kristin Armstrong

3. Life becomes inspiring, not in spite of the problems and the hard hits, but because of them.
- Joni Eareckson Tada

2. awe-inspiring

adjective. inspiring awe or admiration or wonder.


  • impressive
  • amazing
  • awing
  • awful


  • unmoving
  • ineffective
  • unsurprising
  • unalarming