1. inlaid

adjective. ['ˈɪnˌleɪd'] adorned by inlays.


  • adorned


  • plain
  • unclothed

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Rhymes with Inlaid

  • accolade
  • adelaide
  • downplayed
  • fusillade
  • marmalade
  • overlaid
  • parlayed
  • relayed
  • rollerblade
  • sallade
  • switchblade
  • waylaid

Sentences with inlaid

1. Noun, singular or mass
This creates free-roaming electrons, which are attracted to the inlaid metal, charging it with electricity.

2. Adjective
Veneered woods were often used for inlaid designs or overlays of common woods.

3. Verb, past participle
One room, the Salottino di Porcellana, is entirely inlaid with porcelain.