Synonyms and Antonyms for infrared-ray

1. infrared ray (n.)

a ray of infrared radiation; produces a thermal effect (as from an infrared lamp)


2. infrared (adj.)

having or employing wavelengths longer than light but shorter than radio waves; lying outside the visible spectrum at its red end

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3. infrared (n.)

the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum; electromagnetic wave frequencies below the visible range

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4. infrared (n.)

electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves

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6. ray (n.)

a branch of an umbel or an umbelliform inflorescence

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7. ray (n.)

(mathematics) a straight line extending from a point

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8. ray (n.)

cartilaginous fishes having horizontally flattened bodies and enlarged winglike pectoral fins with gills on the underside; most swim by moving the pectoral fins

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9. ray (v.)

expose to radiation

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10. ray (v.)

emit as rays

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