1. inbred

adjective. ['ˈɪnˌbrɛd'] normally existing at birth.


  • connatural
  • inborn


  • foreign
  • nonnative
  • impure

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Rhymes with Inbred

  • englbred

Sentences with inbred

1. Verb, past participle
In some lines that have been overbred or inbred, timidity and skittishness are seen.

2. Adjective
Plain goldfish tend to be much more robust than most fancy varieties, since they are less inbred.

Quotes about inbred

1. There are few things more dangerous than inbred religious certainty.
- Bart D. Ehrman, God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question - Why We Suffer

2. inbred

adjective. ['ˈɪnˌbrɛd'] produced by inbreeding.


  • dissimilar