1. immutable

adjective. ['ˌɪˈmjuːtəbəl'] not subject or susceptible to change or variation in form or quality or nature.


  • variable

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Rhymes with Immutable

  • indisputable
  • irrefutable
  • inscrutable
  • disputable
  • unsuitable
  • suitable

Sentences with immutable

1. Adjective
One is considered the immutable word of God; the other claims to add to and alter his word.

Quotes about immutable

1. There is an immutable conflict at work in life and in business, a constant battle between peace and chaos. Neither can be mastered, but both can be influenced. How you go about that is the key to success.
- Phil Knight

2. Modernity is the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent, which make up one half of art, the other being the eternal and the immutable. This transitory fugitive element, which is constantly changing, must not be despised or neglected.
- Charles Baudelaire

3. Of course it hurt that we could never love each other in a physical way. We would have been far more happy if we had. But that was like the tides, the change of seasons--something immutable, an immovable destiny we could never alter. No matter how cleverly we might shelter it, our delicate friendship wasn't going to last forever. We were bound to reach a dead end. That was painfully clear.
- Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart