1. hydroxide

noun. ['haɪˈdrɑːksaɪd'] a compound of an oxide with water.


  • calcium hydroxide
  • slaked lime
  • lime hydrate
  • calcium hydrate
  • caustic lime
  • aluminum hydroxide
  • caustic soda
  • sodium hydroxide
  • magnesium hydroxide
  • chemical compound
  • hydrated aluminium oxide
  • lime
  • aluminium hydroxide
  • caustic potash
  • hydrated lime
  • hydrated aluminum oxide
  • potash
  • compound
  • hydrated oxide


  • decrease
  • disintegrate
  • analyze
  • take away

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Sentences with hydroxide-ion

1. Noun Phrase
When NaOH dissociates in water it increases the concentration of hydroxide ions.

2. Noun Phrase
The acid and its conjugate base consume the hydroxide ions.

3. Noun Phrase
So, pH measures hydronium ion concentration, while pOH measures hydroxide ion concentration.

4. Noun Phrase
The pOH is the negative log of the concentration of hydroxide ions.

2. hydroxide

noun. ['haɪˈdrɑːksaɪd'] a chemical compound containing the hydroxyl group.


  • compound


  • rough
  • smooth

3. ion

noun. ['ˈaɪˌɑːn, ˈaɪən'] a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative); an atom or molecule or group that has lost or gained one or more electrons.


  • anion
  • subatomic particle
  • particle


  • ἰόν (Ancient Greek (to 1453))