1. hydrophilic

adjective. ['ˌhaɪdrəˈfɪlɪk'] having a strong affinity for water; tending to dissolve in, mix with, or be wetted by water.


  • aquaphobic

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Rhymes with Hydrophilic

  • carboxylic
  • pedophilic
  • acrylic
  • idyllic
  • cyrillic
  • milich
  • lillich
  • jilek
  • gillick
  • bilyk
  • billick

Sentences with hydrophilic

1. Adjective
Phospholipids are made up of two parts, a hydrophilic head and a hyrdophobic tail.

2. Verb, past participle
Similar to phospholipids, proteins have hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions that predict their placement in the cell membrane.

3. Noun, singular or mass
The hydrophilic is attracted to water, while the hydrophobic is repelled by water.