1. hunchback

noun. ['ˈhʌntʃˌbæk'] an abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column.


  • humpback
  • kyphosis

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Sentences with hunchback

1. Noun, singular or mass
Folks who never stretch are more likely to eventually take on a hunchback appearance.

Quotes about hunchback

1. when you're a kid, they tell you that it's what's on the inside that counts. Looks don't matter . But that's not true. Guys like Phoebus in The Hunchback, or Dorian, or the old Kyle Kingsbury-- they can be scumbags to women and still get away with it because they're good-looking. Being ugly is a kind of prisoner.
- Alex Flinn, Beastly

2. Be With Me In The Phases Of My Work Because My Brain Feels Like It Has Been Whipped And I Yearn To Make A Small Perfect Thing Which Will Live In Your Morning Like Curious Static Through A President's Elegy Or A Nude Hunchback Acquiring A Tan On The Crowded Oily Beach.
- Leonard Cohen

2. hunchback

noun. ['ˈhʌntʃˌbæk'] a person whose back is hunched because of abnormal curvature of the upper spine.


  • humpback
  • crookback


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  • normality